The Justfied Identity Found in Faith

The Justfied Identity Found in Faith

Romans 3:21

Romans 4:1

Important Things to Know About Abraham:

– Father of Israel (Source of God’s Original Covenant with Nation of Israel)
– Jewish teachers taught that Abraham was “perfect” and kept the law through
– Example of Rabbi Teaching: “Abraham was perfect in all his deeds with the Lord, and well-pleasing in righteousness all the days of his life.” Jubilees 23:10
– One of Israel’s Heroes

Am I trying to gain something before God or people with my Christian life and good works?

Romans 4:1-3

Genesis 22:1-3

What Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, or Theologian am I holding higher than God?

Romans 4:2-3

In Hebrew, Greek, and English, believe is a verb. To believe in God is to trust or rest in him… Paul had to (1) establish the correct interpretation of Genesis 15:6 and (2) present Abraham as a paragon of faith, not works.

Interpreting Scripture: A General Introduction by Jason S. DeRouchie (The Gospel Coalition)

“Imputed Righteousness” = The doctrine of imputation teaches that in the doctrine of justification, God imputes or accredits the righteousness and sufering of Jesus to those who are in him and, conversely, imputes the sins of those redeemed to Christ.

J.V. Fesko (The Gospel Coalition: The Doctrine of Imputation)

Martin Luther called this “The Glorious Exchange”, our sin becomes Christ’s and Christ’s righteousness becomes ours.

Romans 4:5-6

God does not owe me anything. He acts out of his love and grace. NOT obligation.

God’s gracious response to a believer’s faith is just that, a response saturated in his abundant grace. Paul made it clear to the Church in Ephesus to understand that faith itself is a gracious gift from God. Faith is the vehicle God has fashioned to lay hold of the goodness of God poured out in Christ Jesus.

Unknown Theologian

Romans 4:5

Romans 3:31

Romans 4:6-9

Abraham = Father of Israel (Great Guy)David = King of Israel (Terrible Sins)
Still Needed God’s GraceStill Needed God’s Grace
Comparing the Two

Throw away the list. God has.

“(Insert your name) you are blessed because the Lord will not count your sin against you.” – Sincerely, David

Romans 4:9-10

Just because another Chritian is not where you are at, or done what you have done, or maybe even think the way you think; that does not mean that they have not been declared righteous by God through faith.

Romans 4:11-12

Where am I putting my faith outside of Jesus?

What is keeping me from putting my faith in Jesus?

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