Covenant Partner

Covenant Partner

Covenant Partnership is our way of describing church membership at Grace Point Church Ann Road. Join us during this three-hour class that’s designed to help you discover what Grace Point Church is all about. We’ll not only answer your questions, but you’ll also hear the story of Grace Point Church as well as our vision and values.

We will answer questions like:

  • What it means to be a church member at Grace Point Church Ann Road? 
  • What does Grace Point Church believe? 
  • How is Grace Point Church Ann Road led? 
  • What are the future goals of Grace Point Church Ann Road? 
  • What will be required of me as a Covenant Partner? 

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers!

Childcare is available upon request at registration.

This class meets every other month on the 3rd Sunday.

Covenant Partner Dinners are held twice a year.