Works vs Faith

Works vs Faith

Romans 3:23-25

Romans 3:27

Ephesians 2:8-9

Romans 3:28

The hypocrite is not the Christian who struggles against sin, fights against temptation, and keeps doing what is right even on his worst feeling days. That’s a hero. The hypocrite is the Christian who uses the veneer of public virtue to cover the rot of private vice. He’s the man living a double life, the woman fooling her friends because she has church clothes, the student who proudly answers the questions in Sunday school and just as proudly romps through immorality the rest of the week.

Kevin DeYoung

Romans 3:6-8

Externalism + Separatism

Romans 3:29-30

Externalism + Separatism = Legalism

Romans 3:31

Philippians 2:8

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