Blessed are the Merciful and Pure in Heart

Blessed are the Merciful and Pure in Heart

Matthew 5:7-8
2 Corinthians 5:14
Galatians 2:20

What does it mean to be merciful?
What does it mean to receive mercy?
What does it mean to be pure in heart?
What does it mean to see God?

Matthew 5:7
Exodus 34:6-7
Matthew 18:23-35

“Demand what you will and give what you demand.”

Augustine of Hippo

Matthew 7:12
James 2:13

“Weeping washes the wounds clean
And leaves them to heal, which always
Takes an age or two. No pain
Is ugly in past tense. Under
The Mercy every hurt is a fossil
Link in the great chain of becoming.
Pick and shovel prayers often
Turn them up in valleys of death.”
- Eugene Peterson

Matthew 5:8
Jeremiah 17:9

“Believe in yourself” as a dominant popular philosophy did not begin with Oprah, Disney, or Kierkegaard. It began with a snake in a garden.

chris larson

Romans 10:9
Psalm 86:11

You and I are not integrated, unified, whole persons. Our hearts are multi-divided. There is a board room in every heart. Big table. Leather chairs. Coffee. Bottled water. Whiteboard. A committee sits around the table. There is the social self, the private
self, the work self, the sexual self, the recreational self, the religious self, and others. The committee is arguing and debating and voting. Constantly agitated and upset. Rarely can they come to a unanimous, wholehearted decision. We tell ourselves we’re
this way because we’re so busy with so many responsibilities. The truth is, we’re just divided, unfocused, hesitant, unfree. That kind of person can “accept Jesus” in either of two ways. One way is to invite him onto the committee. Give him a vote too. But
then he becomes just one more complication. The other way to “accept Jesus” is to say to him, “My life isn’t working. Please come in and fire my committee, every last one of them. I hand myself over to you. I am your responsibility now. Please run my whole life for me.” “Accepting Jesus” is not just adding Jesus. It is also subtracting the idols.

Ray Ortlund

Psalm 51:10
Philippians 1:6
James 4:7-8

“Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”
“Create in me a clean heart.”

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