Psalm 3 – Hope for the Overwhelmed

Psalm 3 – Hope for the Overwhelmed

The Big Idea: When we find ourselves surrounded by adversity and trouble, our peace and security will be found in praying to, trusting in and waiting on God for deliverance.

Psalm 3:1-2
Sometimes in our lives there could be many things that overwhelm us.
When we are overwhelmed we must bring our grievance to the Lord.
If we repent God will forgive our sins, but he may not remove the consequences of it. 
When things get bad in our life we must bring our complaints to the Lord. 
God delights in coming to the rescue of His people when they cry out to Him.

Psalm 3:3-4

Psalm 3:5-6
Matthew 28:19-20
God is everywhere at all times which means God bless anything is the majority.

Romans 8:31

Psalm 3:7-8
Ephesians 2:8-9
God is the One who saves physically and spiritually.

Hebrews 5:7-9
Our stamina in this Christian life is going to be in direct proportion to the clarity in which we see Jesus.

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