Advent 2021

Advent 2021

For from this feast [that is, the Nativity], the Theophany and the holy Pascha and the Ascension and the Pentecost take their origin and foundation, for if Christ had not been born according to the flesh, he could not have been baptized, which is the Theophany; he could not have been crucified, which is the Pascha; he could not have sent the Spirit, which is the Pentecost.”

John Chrysostom

Remember the First Advent of Jesus

Genesis 3:15
Psalm 27:14
Luke 2:10-11

Look Forward to the Second Advent of Jesus

“I live as though Christ died yesterday, rose again today, and is coming again tomorrow.” – Martin Luther

Philippians 1:6
John 1:5
John 14:1-3

“[The life of the church] is lived poised between memory and hope.”
Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Prepare (Romans 8:22-25)



Pause (Psalm 27:14)

Teach Us to Pray: Scripture-Centered Family Worship through the Year

The Lord’s Supper is a proclamation of Jesus’s once-and-for-all act of selflessness, celebration of His current work in the New Covenant and a foretaste in anticipation of His return.”

Matthew J. Butler

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