The Promise of Romans 8:28

The Promise of Romans 8:28

Speaker Allen Stansberry

Romans 8:28

“First, we tend to see our troubles as evidence that God has left us, instead of asking how God is working in and through them for our good, as he promises to (Romans 8:28). Second, we are often waiting for God to do something to us or for us, or wondering why he doesn’t use someone to bring help. We essentially say: Lord, why don’t you remove this problem? instead of saying: Lord, please make me the person who can handle this problem.”

Timothy Keller
Regardless of the obstacles we face, God is continuously shaping our lives in accordance with His divine purpose.

John 14:15

Loving God is about cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with Him and
seeking to live a life that reflects that love in thoughts, words, and actions.
Even in our darkest moments of life, God is at work.
The ultimate goal of a Christian’s life is not to avoid suffering at all costs but to become more like Christ.

Romans 5:3-5
2 Corinthians 4:17–18

God’s definition of good often transcends our immediate comfort, extends to our
spiritual growth and conformity to Christ.
Understanding God’s calling on our lives is a deeply significant and transformative aspect of one’s spiritual growth.
How can we apply the truths of Romans 8:28 in our daily lives?
  • Trust in God’s Sovereignty
  • Redefine “Good”
  • Seek God’s purpose and calling for your life.
  • Deepen Your Relationship with God
  • Embrace adversity as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

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