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John 21:18
John 21:19

“You must be willing that the child should spend all its life in the Salvation Army, wherever God should choose to send it, that it should be despised, hated, cursed, beaten, kicked, imprisoned or killed for Christ’s sake.”

2 Corinthians 5:14-15

“Now the church is not persecuted so much as ignored. Its revolutionary message has been reduced to a toothless creed for bourgeois suburbanites. Nobody opposes it any longer, because really there is nothing to oppose. My own conviction, for what it is worth, is that if we Christians were to compromise less, we would undoubtedly suffer more. If we were to hold fast the old-fashioned Gospel of Christ crucified for sinners, and of salvation as an absolutely free and undeserved gift, then the Cross would again become a stumbling block to the proud. If we were to maintain the high moral standards of Jesus—of incorruptible honesty and integrity, of chastity before marriage and fidelity in it, and of costly, self-sacrificial love, then there would be a public outcry that the church had returned to Puritanism. If we were to dare once more to talk plainly about the alternatives of life and death, salvation and judgment, heaven and hell, then the world would rise up in anger against such “old-fashioned rubbish.” Physical violence, imprisonment and death may not be the fate of Christians in the West today, but faithfulness to Jesus Christ will without doubt bring ridicule and ostracism. This should not surprise us, however, for we are followers of the suffering Christ.”
– John Stott

John 21:19
John 21:20
John 21:21
Luke 18:9-14
John 21:22
John 21:23
John 21:24
John 21:25
John 20:30-31
1 Corinthians 11:1

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