Chosen by Grace for God’s Purpose

Chosen by Grace for God’s Purpose

Pastor Allen Stansberry

Romans 11:1-10

Psalms 118:22
Hosea 9:17
Hosea 14:4–7
Romans 11:1
1 Samuel 12:22
Romans 9:6-8
Romans 11:2-4

As Christians, we need not question whether God loves us; our certainty and trust lie in God Himself.
In the life of a Christian believer, Scripture, not experiences or emotions, holds authority and trustworthiness.

Romans 11:5-6

There is always “a remnant according to God’s gracious choice”.
God’s choice of who He elects is never influenced by who we are or what we have done. Instead, it is always based on His own gracious decision.

“Were it not that God had chosen some, heaven would have none!”

Elder D.J. Ward

Romans 11:7-8
Romans 9:30-31
Romans 9:19-21

God causes those who refuse to believe to become hardened. Refusal to believe leads to spiritual blindness, insensitivity, and bondage.

Romans 11:9-10

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