Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

John 12:12-13

Psalm 118:25-26

John 12:14-15

Zechariah 9:9-10

1 Corinthians 15:3-4

Matthew 22:37-39

I’ve never regretted (1) assuming the best about people, (2) overlooking as much aspossible, (3) offering more encouragement than advice and criticism, (4) and remembering the log in my eye will always skew how I see my pain, disappointments, and other people.

Scotty Smith

John 12:16-19

John 12:20-25

Here the destination is eternal life. And you can miss it by loving your life—that is, by making your goal in life to be safe and secure and comfortable and surrounded only by pleasant things. That is the pathway to perishing. Or, Jesus says, you can take another path and arrive at eternal life. That path is called hating your life in this world. Notice that he adds “in this world.” Hating your life in this world means that you will choose to do things that look foolish to the world. You will deny yourself things, and take risks, and embrace the path of suffering for the sake of love. This, Jesus says, will lead to eternal life, not death.

John Piper

John 12:26