Jesus Frees Us!

Jesus Frees Us!

Pastor Ty Neal

Romans 6:15

“To make being ‘under grace’ an excuse for sinning is a sign that one is not really ‘under grace’ at all.”

F. F. Bruce

Romans 6:16
Romans 6:19

“The greater mass of vices anyone is buried under, the more fiercely and bombastically does he extol his freedom.”

John Calvin

Romans 6:17-19

“Anyone who wonders if a Christian can sin is ignorant about sin’s enslaving nature. Put another way: a Christian does not have to obey the Ten Commandments in order to be saved, but a Christian does have to obey the Ten Commandments in order to be a free (and thus godly) human being. If you don’t obey the law of God, you become a slave to selfishness and sin.”

Tim Keller

Matthew 6:24

“God’s truth is God’s love and God’s love makes us free from ourselves for others. To be free means nothing less than to be in love. And to be in love means nothing less than being in the truth of God. The man who loves because he has been made free by God is the most revolutionary man on earth. He challenges all values. He is the explosive material of human society. He is a dangerous man. For he recognizes that the human race is in the depths of falsehood. And he is always ready to let the light of truth fall upon his darkness; and he will do this because of his love.

It is also true that a people cannot find truth and freedom unless it stands under the law of God’s truth. A people remains in lies and in slavery until it receives and wants to receive truth and freedom from God alone; until it knows that truth and freedom will lead it into love; yes, until it knows that the way of love leads to the cross. If a people would really know this, then it would become the only people who could rightly be called a free people, the only people which does not become a slave to itself, but the slave of the truth of God and therefore free.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Romans 6:20-21
2 Corinthians 7:10
Romans 6:21-23
Matthew 6:33

Slave to __________over God.

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