God Gives: A New Attitude

God Gives: A New Attitude

Pastor Ty Neal

John 3:16
Matthew 6:11
James 1:17
Philippians 2:1
2 Corinthians 5:17

When you can silence your flesh, the world and the devil and listen to Jesus, life changes.

Gerry Breshears

Philippians 2:1-2

The church is . . . made up of natural enemies. What binds us together is not common education, common race, common income levels, common politics, common nationality, common accents, common jobs, or anything else of that sort. Christians come together . . . because they have all been saved by Jesus Christ. . . . They are a band of natural enemies who love one another for Jesus’ sake.”

D A Carson

Philippians 2:3

Pride is the carbon monoxide of sin. It silently and slowly kills you without you even knowing.

Tim Keller

“Forgiveness flounders because I exclude the enemy from the community of humans even as I exclude myself from the community of sinners.”

Miroslav Volf

Philippians 2:4-11

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