1 Peter 3:13-18

1 Peter 3:13-18

Specifically what I have tried to do in reading the New Testament letters and more so the Apostles, in this case Peter; is seeing how Peter’s direct experience of Jesus in the gospels is a very real influence to the very writing of this letter to the Christians he is talking to. Almost like Peter would be saying, ‘I experienced Jesus firsthand in this way, so this is how we are to be like him.’”

Brandon Kinel-Kobrin

1 Peter 3:13-18
John 21:15-22
Luke 22:54-62

General/Common Suffering: Suffering due to humanity’s fallen and evil condition

Christian Suffering: Suffering due to the opposition the world has against those who are followers of Jesus Christ

What Jesus is getting at when saying, to ‘love’, and specifically, to ‘love your enemies’… it is acting upon a person in such a way that they are benefited. That their greatest good is brought nearer to their feet by what you have done for them.”

Brandon Kinel-Kobrin

Proverbs 16:7
Matthew 10:28
1 Peter 3:14

“‘Even if’ you should suffer” – Not all Christians will suffer the same way as other Christians and that should NOT be our measure of if someone is truly a Christ-follower

“‘You will be blessed’ – is not promising a blessing in THIS LIFE.

Matthew 5:10

Do not fear what the world fears, loss of status, wealth, reputation or one’s life

Do not fear what they may or may not do to you for following Jesus

1 Peter 3:15

“Why do I have hope in Jesus?”

It is this very hope that separates and alienates them from pagans and invites the kind of conflict that Peter has in view. The “hope in you” should be understood not so much as the hope within an individual believer but as the hope that is among believers, namely, their shared belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ that defines and unites them as Christians.”

Karen Jobes

1 Peter 3:16-17

“Do the next right thing.”

“For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will…” -1 Peter 3:17

“Does a loving God truly will the Christian to suffer?”

…suffering is a possibility but not a certainty, the will of God might possibly will a
Christian to suffer for doing good. Peter affirms that it is not God’s purpose to make Christians suffer… J.H. Elliot expresses it well: ‘The qualification, if this should be God’s will, refers to suffering for doing what is right and not simply suffering per se. The point is not that God wills suffering but that God wills doing what is right rather than doing what is wrong…, even if and when this results in suffering’… God wills for his people to live faithfully and to do what is right even if the response of an unbelieving world causes them to suffer. This is quite a different concept from ‘God causes Christians to suffer in this life for their spiritual well-being’ (Kistemaker 1987: 137).”

Karen Jobes

Christ suffered purposefully and only for a time. His suffering was the way to his victory over all beings and authorities. Those who share in Christ’s suffering because of their faith in him will not be defeated but will also share in Christ’s victory.” -Karen Jobes

Karen Jobes

Luke 22:54-62

  • Fails to be zealous for what is good
  • Fails by avoiding possible suffering by denying that he knows Jesus
  • Fails to not fear the people or to be troubled
  • Fails to be prepared to make a defense
  • Fails by doing what is evil in denying Jesus and he still suffers for it by weeping bitterly

John 21:15-22

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