Holy Week Scripture Guide

Holy Week Scripture Guide

“What day is it?”

In light of the recent COVID-19-all-of-life-schedule-readjustments, maybe you’ve been asking yourself this question. Fortunately for us, next week has been specially marked out for Christians and has been for generations.

No, it’s not Spring Break. (Let’s be honest. It’s not like you can go anywhere or do anything anyway…)

Next week is Holy Week!

This is an annual opportunity to reflect upon Jesus and the week leading up to His death and resurrection. 

Under our current circumstances, we have two choices laid out in front of us:

We can let time slip by…


We can “make the best use of the time” (see Eph. 5:16) and lean into the historic (and history-changing!) events of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection.

As one of your pastors, I’d recommend the latter. And to help you with your at-home gospel rhythms, we’ve created a Holy Week Scripture Guide that walks you through Palm Sunday (this Sunday, April 5) through Resurrection Sunday/Easter (April 12). 

The structure is simple. The Scriptures are profound.

I invite you to download the Guide below and carve out time this coming week to immerse yourself in the old, old Story.