Scarlet Hope Prayer Team

Scarlet Hope Prayer Team

Scarlet Hope is a local ministry that exists to share the hope and love of Jesus with women (and men) in the adult entertainment industry. On the 3rd Thursday of every month, Scarlet Hopevolunteers take a meal to the dancers at strip clubs. They use this simply as a way to show the love of Jesus in a free, tangible way to people in the adult entertainment industry.

The Scarlet Hope Prayer Team will meet to pray every 3rd Thursday from 8:45 – 10:00 PM, during the time that the Scarlet Hope teams are in the clubs. We will gather to pray in the Yellow Room of the Family Center at the Ann Road church campus. Our first meeting will be on March 21, 2019. 

We will be praying for the safety of the Scarlet Hope Volunteers and for the Lord to use these opportunities to build relationships and transform lives.  

If you are interested in joining us to pray, please fill out this form. We know an hour and 15 minutes is a long time to pray especially so late at night. If we can get an idea of how many people plan to be there, we can possibly split it up into a couple of shifts. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Steven Henry at